SpeedRunners “Redlight, Greenlight?” Review


Type of Game:

2D Multiplayer Platformer

Version Played:

PC version through Steam

Similar Games:

Super Mario Kart, Super Meat Boy, and to a lesser degree Sonic The Hedgehog

The Good:

  • An excellent multiplayer experience that hearkens back to the lively days of Nintendo couch co-op playing Super Smash Bros. or Super Mario Kart
  • Fast and frantic racing-style gameplay that constantly sees twists and turns as far as who is in the lead
  • Outlandish and colorful characters and maps that really complement the ecclectic nature of the game
  • Power-ups are an absolute riot with constant changes to the way the player moves through the level
    • My personal favorite was the grappling hook, which grabs the closest player to you and throws him backwards, hilarity quickly ensuing
  • Controls are very tight and responsive, which is crucial in a platforming game of this nature
  • Animation and physics are spot-on and help convey the sense of motion and weight to the characters
  • Graphics are sharp and vibrant, which are very welcome in a 2D game
  • Maps are intricately made with what appears to be a pain-staking attention to detail
    • Turbo generators, swing-able ceiling tiles, lasers, and buzz-saws are a some of the well placed items in a map that can make or break your “speed run”
  • Current content on this “Early Access” title is more than enough to have a good time with your Steam friends, but the promise of more content updates just sweetens the pot on this game
  • Active developers that constantly respond and engage their audience in the development of the game

The Bad:

  • Numerous bugs and glitches, which certainly supports the idea of it being a “Early Access” title
    • Some of the bugs encountered were along the lines of no textures loading, a confused camera that can’t catch-up to the race leader, random characters exploding as if losing the race, etc…
    • While these bugs might sound game-breaking, they often times add to the mania of the game and just make the participants laugh (actual results may vary)
  • The good times had while playing the game is diminished when playing without friends you know, but that’s not to say it still isn’t fun

Can you play it while the children are awake?:

Absolutely.  In fact, I played it with my 7 year old and had a blast!

Did I make time to complete it?:

With a multiplayer-based game, completion isn’t really a question.  Did I have a blast playing numerous races with my friends? Yes.  Do I foresee myself doing so again in the future? Absolutely.

Redlight or Greenlight?:

A most definite Green light on this one.


The great times already had with this title make it worth picking up now, bugs and all!

Recommended Purchase Price:




Game Information:

Link to Speedrunner’s Steam page for full game information

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