Small World 2 Review


Type of Game:

Virtual Board Game

Version Played:

PC version through Steam

Similar Games:

Settlers of Catan, Risk, and to a lesser degree Monopoly

The Good:

  • An exact replica of the board game version, which means that the players get the same engrossing and competitive game they would play on a board
  • A wonderful multiplayer game (when it works – see below) that balances different strategy mechanics
    • Race and special power cards can really change the way that each gaming session is played and will also change the player’s choices
  • It is really nice not having to pull out all the physical pieces of the game to play a quick round with a friend
  • Being able to play against other players on different platforms ( iPad, Android, & Kindle Fire) is a definite plus
  • “Turn-by-turn” is a neat feature that lets players play their turns without having all players present. You can exit the game and continue at a later time once your opponent has finished their turn

    • Steam has a notification pop up when it’s the player’s turn

The Bad:

  • The online multiplayer is bugged and glitchy, which leads to dropped games and nonstarters
    • Seeing as most players will be picking up this game to play with friends, it seems as if it could have done with some more quality assurance testing in the online multiplayer department
  • The overall user interface is clunky and not very intuitive
    • Trying to get a game going has far too many steps and the lengthy registration requirements seem unnecessary
  • Sound design is awful and really could have helped with the immersion should some decent music and sound effects been utilized

Can you play it while the children are awake?:

Absolutely. Had a good time playing locally with my seven year old.

Did I make time to complete it?:

I played and finished five multiplayer games. I would have played a lot more, had the online multiplayer not had so many issues.

Recommended Purchase Price:

The gameplay is a blast just like the board game, but the online problems really hinder the overall experience. I applaud Days of Wonder for implementing the oft-requested feature for video game versions of board games (so many come out with just local play), but just wish they’d spent more time fixing the infrastructure before releasing the game.



67% of current retail value of $14.99



Disclaimer: Gamer’s Glance was provided a review copy of this game

Game Information:

Link to Small World 2’s Steam page for full game information

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  1. Also can anyone tell me why they added a ‘2’ to the end of the game title?

    • Yes. It is a ‘sequel’ to Small World 1, released on iOS (iPad launch title). It was made to fully flesh out SW1 and to bring it to other platforms.

      Days of Wonder kickstarted the ‘Reboot’ of Small World, and it was developed as its’ own game, so while it’s the same game, it is in essence a sequel.

  2. Great review! very unique style.

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