Pixel Piracy “Redlight, Greenlight?” Review



Type of Game:

RPG Pirate Simulation with heavy PDL (Procedural Death Labyrinth) elements

Version Played:

PC version through Steam

Similar Games:

A mixture of Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Rogue Legacy, and to a lesser degree Terraria

The Good:

  • The pirate-themed survival aspect is riveting and keeps the player motivated to continue, much like the a fore-mentioned Sid Meier’s Pirates!
  • The light level of beginning customization is a welcome addition and can lend to the player’s attachment to his doomed pirate
  • Proper planning is key to survival, which creates an enjoyable experience around the idea of trial and error
    • Learning all the different skills and items is fun in its own right, but also a necessary means of progression
  • Procedurally generated maps/islands that feature random enemies, loot, vendors, and interactive items
  • Level progression is deep and really appeals to those who love to ponder statistical advantages (i.e. “Do I use this skill book on this pirate and then boost his health amount or just massively boost this pirate’s attack?”)
  • Collecting a crew and assigning them tasks is enjoyable
  • Building and upgrading your ship is intuitive and builds upon ideas already done by games like Terraria
  • The permadeath feature adds a fun sense of urgency and stresses the importance of preparation and planning

The Bad:

  • Bugs are still an issue, but the developers are consistently pushing out updates that correct the high priority ones
  • The animations are pretty minimal and don’t really help in the immersion department (think early South Park)
  • Sound design is also basic, but the island tunes reminded me of the first Secret of Monkey Island game so there is that!
  • A more comprehensive tutorial would benefit the player’s early moments in the game

Can you play it while the children are awake?:

Sure. Most of the graphics and animations are pixelated, which covers up most of the violence. My children enjoyed hearing the pooping noises the pirates made after eating.

Did I make time to complete it?

This appears to be a game that doesn’t have a definitive ending (though I may be wrong). I played numerous pirates and “survived” for quite a long time with some of them. The playthroughs were all enjoyable regardless of their length.

Redlight or Greenlight?


This game is currently at a greenlight.

To be honest I’ve played some “completed” games that haven’t been this polished or fun. While the game has its bugs, the gameplay completely out weighs them. As a fan of the PDL genre, I recommend this game wholeheartedly.



Game Information:

Link to Pixel Piracy’s Steam page for full game information

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